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Big On Telecom, a Big On Group company, headquartered in Dubai, UAE is a mobile services and application solutions company. The Big on Telecom team has a proven track record in the telecommunications industry. The company’s success lies in part to its ability to leverage the considerable contacts in the region and worldwide of Big On Group which is able to facilitate cross-border investments, new business ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

Part of Big On Telecom’s previous experience includes but is not limited to assisting with bids for mobile licenses in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and transactions involving satellite and video conferencing in the Middle East.

Sample key transactions include structuring, negotiating and advising to set up the business of Blackberry smartphones service in the Middle East as well as orchestrating investment in Danish-based Vopium ( amongst others.


Our mission is to provide carriers and channel partners in emerging markets with the necessary tools and support to implement, deliver, and sell products and services that will provide customers efficient and the most up to date technologies, all with peace of mind.

We help our carriers promote and sell product. We facilitate their progress, their reports, and solve their problems; all through an online platform to create an easy and smooth workflow to ensure they achieve their KPIs and increased ARPUs.

Through our innovation, experience and vast networking capabilities we improve our OEM manufacturers’ ability to reach consumers, expand their footprint and increase their business.


Global Distribution

Big On Telecom’s networking capabilities allows for partner introduction on a global scale.

Channel Partners

Big On Telecom deals directly with carriers, large retail chains, and resellers.

Order Management & Maintenance

Big On Telecom facilitates relationships with channel partners’ orders, inquiries, back-end support, reporting, training and self-help as well as improved sales strategies and communication messages. Big On Telecom also facilitates all channel partners’ and resellers’ critical needs in an easy and time effective manner.

Supply Chain Process

Seamless process from ordering to final delivery in an efficient and transparent manner to allow the carriers and channel partners to increase both revenue and profit.


Customer Retention & CRM

  • Big On Telecom implements customer retention programs that increase loyalty, reduce churn and increase ARPUs.
  • We increase customer satisfaction with top of line CRM and customer loyalty programs.
  • Our CRM will maximize sales effectiveness and increase sales productivity and lead generation.

Customer retention means more than just loyalty programs and awards. It involves communication, selling reciprocity, support and loyalty programs.

Big On Telecom’s Retention Program includes:

  • Communication
  • Selling
  • Reciprocity
  • Support
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Customized Insurance Policies
  • Buy Back/Trade Solutions

Business Process Management

Channel Partners:

Efficient communication with channel partners is a must and is something Big On Telecom is proud to be viewed by its customers as a pioneer with its efforts. Big On Telecom is able to facilitate administration process control and tracking issues including, but not limited to, quick response time for device replacement, real-time visibility of performance and after sales service.

The following key features are also offer:

  • Unifying views of operations and processes
  • Delivering powerful analytics on service performance and value
  • Empowering managers to automate more efficient work flows
  • Decreasing total cost of ownership while increasing overall business value
  • Achieving less human error
  • Developing simple workflows between Big On Telecom and Channel Partners

OEM Relationship Management:

Big On Telecom offers OEM partners with continuous research and development studies from Channel Partners and general customer feedback.

Big On Telecom provides application development, product development and service development by our highly experienced creative and technical team, extensive data mining and up-to-date research to ensure rapid response to any market changes.

Product Compliance:

Big On Telecom will facilitate any governmental processes, international and local regulations for product safety, customs acceptance etc.

KPI Development

Big On Telecom aids Channel Partners and resellers with KPI development and to be able to maintain set goals.

Full Package Program

Big On Telecom provides its Channel Partners with a full spectrum of services in its Full Package Program, to improve subscriber adoption, delivering greater subscriber revenue (ARPU) and an increased profitability from devices and application services. This is accomplished by leveraging sales education, strategic marketing and experienced customer support team.

Full Package Program of In-Life Services

  • Assessment
  • Customer Target Program
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Technical
  • Customer Support at Tier I, II, and III Levels
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Third Party Applications and Development

Application Development

Big On Telecom’s resources of our experienced, creative and technical team is available to our Channel Partners and our OEM Manufacturers to provide information, guidance, assessment, development and implementation of wireless mobile solutions.

Research & Development

Big On Telecom maintains a specialized lab environment to test features and enhancements in order to provide accurate and practical information above and beyond what is documented by any Channel Partner.


Big On Telecom provides comprehensive training as well as Tier II and Tier III escalation support via our experienced personnel at our Call Center. This service offering is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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PO Box 211752,
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